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Marquette University

Hamilton College

Early Modern Philosophy (Syllabus)


Theory of Ethics (Syllabus)

Business Ethics

Service of Faith & Promotion of Justice:

          - Philosophy of Labor

          - Philosophy of Labor (Honors)

          - Race and Racism

Foundations of Philosophy

Honors Foundations of Philosophy

Existentialism (Syllabus)

St. Norbert College

University of South Florida

Medieval Philosophy 

Philosophy of Religion (Syllabus)

Contemporary Moral Issues

Formal Logic

Critical Thinking

Introduction to Philosophy

Introduction to Ethics (History of Western Ethics)

Modern Political Thought (Syllabus)

Existentialism (Syllabus

Epistemology (Skepticism, Knowledge, and Faith)

Philosophy in Film: Ethics and Technology

Philosophical Foundations of Human Nature

Phenomenology of Gender and Race (Directed Study)

Courses Prepared to Teach

Early Modern Natural Rights Theories

Early Modern Women Philosophers / Recovered Voices from Early Modern Philosophy

Ancient Philosophy (Hellenic and Hellenistic)


Philosophy of Race

Philosophy and Virtual Reality

Philosophy in Film and Literature

Medieval Muslim and Jewish Philosophy

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