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My pedagogy emphasizes the principle that education should contribute to living well. As a result, my undergraduate teaching style focuses on active, experiential learning both inside and outside the classroom.

I strive to teach established canonical texts and philosophical problems while also recovering and amplifying the voices of philosophers in my classes who have been erased or forgotten in history, often due to gender, race, and class. My classroom assignments ranges from traditional papers to digital humanities projects to virtual reality experiments. I find that the variety of assignments provides students the opportunity to grow, while also giving them the space to successfully demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the material in ways they are most capable.

I am proficient also in academic hand gestures.

In 2019 I presented a talk at Hamilton College's conference on pedagogical innovation titled "Existentialism Relived: Reflections on Experiential Learning," which is available for viewing in the Hamilton College digital commons.

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