Hello! My name is Daniel Collette. I am a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Philosophy at Marquette University. I earned my Ph.D. in Philosophy at the University of South Florida where I studied under Roger Ariew. ​

I specialize in 17th and 18th-Century philosophy, especially the philosophy and reception of Blaise Pascal. Generally, my research investigates how early modern conceptions of being and knowledge shape the ethical and political theories of those philosophers. Some of my other philosophical interests include 19th/20th century continental philosophy (especially existentialism and phenomenology), Stoicism, diversifying the philosophical canon, and philosophical pedagogy.

Beyond the academy, you will find me excited about aerospace, cooking, finding new records, and acquiring pint glasses from microbrewery tours. I am also a father of two, which is my favorite role; we love to hike, watch baseball, and launch rockets together.